About Us

Why We Founded This School


It is our belief that learning is a supremely valuable human endeavor. Proficiency in the traditional Jewish texts such as the Siddur, Torah and Mishna combined with a superior multi-disciplinary education, enables our children to be reflective, knowledgeable and responsible participants in the world.

LIHA is an innovative learning center which thoughtfully combines progressive approaches to education while:

• Engaging students in a comprehensive study of the classical Jewish texts
• Building knowledge and essential learning skills through experience of inquiry and discovery
• Empowering our students to become critical and creative thinkers in all disciplines
• Cultivating respectful partnerships between students, parents, teachers that nurture each individual and builds community

At LIHA students learn by observing, considering the meaning of what they see, by discussing ideas, debating concepts and making each discovery their own.

LIHA weaves together into a synergetic whole, per our Sephardic Heritage, excellence in secular education and excellence in Judaic Studies. The schools diverse community brings together families with various religious backgrounds but united in their values for respect for each person and love of study.

LIHA is a non profit organization which is currently exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.