Home and School Partnership


The education of each child is seen as a partnership between family and school and thus we provide many opportunities and activities to bridge home and school. Parents are encouraged to model for their children a commitment to study as an integral part of their experience and growth as Jews and to contribute ideas and become involved in a variety of LIHA projects, events and community.

Every weekend, for example, children in the elementary school bring home a set of questions from their classroom discussions based around the Parsha or Chumash text they are learning, for further, family-facilitated conversation, as well as a math game for the whole family to play together. As a student learns to read, the teacher sends home reflections on his/her reading journey and strategies of the week for the parents to review. LIHA regularly engages parents in conversation about the content of the curriculum, and is continually responsive to parental feedback and ideas.

In addition to two or three individual conferences each year, during which parents and teachers share information about each child's growth and needs, and a mid-year phone call with the school administration, parents are invited to a number of events in which they become active members of the school community and learn about what the children are studying and our approach to education.

There is an orientation meeting for parents in the first weeks of school, at least one curriculum meeting each semester, parent breakfasts for each class in the fall, and other parent participation events during the year. The school sends home regular letters from teachers and the Principal in addition to our bi-weekly newsletter, The Voice of Our Children which is prepared voluntarily by Deena Sharifian.