Physical Education

Our first unit went very well! Good job to everyone for their good participation and hard work in basketball! The winners of the tournament are:
2nd Grade: Matthew, Orah, Eliya, Yael, and Mital
3rd Grade: Coby, Elianna, Rachel, Natan, and Michael
4th and 5th Grade: Ornella, Daniel Soumikh, Daniel Sharga, David

We also have out first group of MVP's for the 2014-2015 school year! The MVP's for the months of September and October are: 
Kindergarten: Bianca Darvish and Ariel Nassimiha
1st Grade: Tehila Kohansieh and Adam Hedvat
2nd Grade: Ashira Keypour, Jonah Pourtavoosi, and Matthew Ghodsi
3rd Grade: Noach Dorwitt and Shaina Shaoolian
4th Grade: Briana Baratian and Yosef Kimyagorov
5th Grade: Josh Hedvat

Our next unit is Soccer. Keep up the good work!