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Learning at LIHA

A commitment to challenging our students where curiosity is nurtured and students are intellectually challenged

Working with Students

LIHA has a unique approach to individualizing the curriculum to each child’s developmental needs in a social setting.

What We Offer

We offer Early Childhood, Elementary, and Middle School grades.

A Glimpse into Our Identity

Welcome to Long Island Hebrew Academy, a Yeshiva that provides a wholesome education based on the timeless principles of Torah values, academic excellence, and a profound connection to Israel. As a leading Jewish Day School, we are committed to upholding the highest standards in both Jewish and secular education, offering an unparalleled Great Neck Jewish school experience.

Discover the educational journey awaiting your child at Long Island Hebrew Academy, where we prioritize nurturing curiosity and fostering intellectual challenge in a supportive environment.

Young students working while being taught at a Great Neck Jewish school

Tailored Learning Experience

At Long Island Hebrew Academy, we are committed to providing a nurturing Great Neck Jewish school atmosphere where each child’s unique developmental needs are met with precision, fostering academic excellence and a deep sense of belonging.

Comprehensive Offerings

Long Island Hebrew Academy offers a comprehensive educational program spanning Early Childhood, Elementary, and Middle School grades. Our students learn everything from Aleph Bet to Gemara in Judaic studies and whole numbers to Algebra in secular studies. 

Jewish boys at day school working with cables as part of their curriculum
Teacher at a Jewish school helping a student make leaf prints

Nurturing Environment

At Long Island Hebrew Academy, we cultivate a warm, loving, and inclusive atmosphere where every student is valued and supported. Our ultimate goal is to equip our students with the skills and confidence to become lifelong learners, influential leaders, and positive contributors to society within the Jewish community in Great Neck and at large.

Distinctive Approach

What sets Long Island Hebrew Academy apart? We understand that not everyone processes information in the same way and at the same speed. Therefore, we make every effort to accommodate the learning needs of each child to help him/her excel. The small classroom setting allows our teachers to identify each student’s strengths and weaknesses. Working hand in hand with the administration, our teachers proceed to implement specific educational plans for students that address their exact needs. The result is that the students not only meet their grade level requirements but, in many cases, are also motivated to excel well beyond their means. 

Hands-on Learning
Dual Curriculum
Caring & Nurturing Environment
Licensed & Certified Teachers

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