About Us

Our Mission

Long Island Hebrew Academy is a Yeshiva day school beginning at grade Toddler through grade 8. Long Island Hebrew Academy otherwise known as LIHA, is  situated in the heart of Great Neck. LIHA was built in 1998 with a mission to give every child a jewish education. LIHA is home to one of the largest Jewish Persian communities in the world. Students that attend LIHA are from various Sephardic backgrounds including Persian, Israeli, Buchari and more while also welcoming many Ashkenazi families. LIHA’s community reflects the diversity of the Jewish Sephardic strong heritage. Students in LIHA share a love of their rich Sephardic identity and heritage while respecting each other’s differences. We celebrate the richness of our tradition while experiencing it first hand in school by encouraging inquiry and self-expression. We expect our students to grow in their General and Judaic studies as well as their understanding of Judaism.


LIHA combines progressive approaches to education while:
  • Engaging students in a comprehensive study of the Hebrew language as well as being able to read from a siddur, chumash and navi.
  • Building knowledge and essential learning skills through experience of inquiry and discovery.
  • Empowering our students to become critical and creative thinkers in all subject matters.
  • Cultivating respectful partnerships between students, parents, teachers that nurture each individual which  builds a community throughout the school.
Whether in our Early Childhood, Elementary or Middle school you will find LIHA to be the home away from home for your kids.