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Discover Long Island Hebrew Academy: A Unique Jewish Private School Experience

Long Island Hebrew Academy, a Jewish private school also known as LIHA, is a distinguished Yeshiva day school educating students from toddler through eighth grade. Nestled in the vibrant community of Great Neck, LIHA was established in 1998 with a steadfast mission: to provide every child with a rich,  Sephardic  Jewish education. 

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A Cornerstone of the Jewish Sephardic Community

LIHA proudly welcomes students from diverse backgrounds. Our vibrant community mirrors the rich tapestry of Jewish Sephardic heritage, fostering an environment where students embrace their cultural identity while embracing and respecting each other’s differences. At LIHA, we celebrate the depth of our tradition, encouraging inquiry and self-expression as students immerse themselves in both General and Judaic studies, deepening their understanding of Judaism with each passing day.

LIHA's Approach​

At LIHA, we seamlessly blend progressive educational methodologies with traditional values, ensuring a dynamic and enriching learning environment. Our approach encompasses:

Engaging Hebrew Language and Judaic Studies:

Our curriculum emphasizes a comprehensive study of the Hebrew language, enabling students to read from a siddur, chumash, navi, and gemara, fostering a strong connection to their Jewish heritage.

Experiential Learning:

We believe in fostering essential learning skills through hands-on inquiry and discovery, empowering students to explore, question, and learn through real-world experiences.

Critical and Creative Thinking:

LIHA nurtures critical and creative thinking skills across all subject areas, empowering students to approach challenges with innovative solutions and intellectual rigor.

Community-Centric Education:

We prioritize building respectful partnerships among students, parents, and teachers, creating a nurturing community that supports each individual’s growth and development.

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