How Physical Activities for Kids Can Boost Classroom Success

It seems that today, more than ever, students can quickly get lost in a sea of screens and distractions, leading to decreased engagement and attention span in the classroom. This is something our teachers and administrators at Long Island Hebrew Academy (LIHA) are well aware of and have addressed in our approach and curriculum. Physical […]

Keep Your Child’s Mind Active with Summer Reading Programs

a book open on a field of grass

School is out, and summer is finally here! This is a much-needed break for kids to recharge, enjoy free time outdoors, and have fun with family and friends. However, as they take in every moment, from sunrises to lightning bugs, it is a good idea for children to participate in summer reading programs. This will […]

The Role Hebrew Language Classes Have in Building Our Jewish Identity

an open torah

As a Jewish individual, having a strong connection to one’s heritage and culture is essential for building a sense of identity. One of the most effective ways to create this connection is through learning the language of the Jewish people. At Long Island Hebrew Academy (LIHA), we are invested in and committed to teaching Hebrew […]

The Benefits of Arts in Education: Fostering More Than Creativity

Some view art education in schools as just an additional activity, unaware or overlooking that the benefits of arts in education are vast and varied. Studies indicate that arts education enhances learning, brain function, cultural awareness, mental well-being, and personal growth. Research by the Arts Education Partnership reveals that students who study music have an […]

Why is Social-Emotional Development so Vital?

Woman at a large table of children in chef hats as she teaches them about baking

  Social-emotional development is a crucial aspect of child development that influences their ability to build healthy relationships, cope with stress, and work through challenges. How children relate to others, manage their emotions, and solve problems can significantly impact their overall well-being and success in both school and later life. These reasons and more are […]

The Benefits of STEM Education: Future Forward Thinking

The word STEM, with words inside the letter and icons that are associated with each field above the corresponding letters

STEM education, which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, is more important now than ever. In a technology-driven world, students with a strong foundation in these subjects are better equipped to succeed in various fields and industries. The curriculum focuses on practical, real-world examples to engage students and encourage critical thinking skills related to […]

9 Homework Tips for Kids: Building Confidence and Motivation

Jewish father sitting over his sons shoulders reading together

While perhaps not the most popular part of a child’s school day, homework is a part of every student’s life regardless of age or grade level. For parents of elementary and middle school children, helping with homework can sometimes feel like a daunting task. However, with a few simple strategies, parents can effectively support their […]

How Smaller Class Size Benefits Students

male teacher at his desk speaking to a few students

Although the Student /Teacher Achievement Ratio (STAR) study was conducted almost 40 years ago, it remains a standard of reference among educators that the smaller class size benefits are undeniable. The study split 6,500 students into two groups: half in a class size of 13-17 students and the other half in a size of 22-25 […]