Early Childhood

LIHA’s early childhood program provides a meaningful and compelling environment for Jewish families seeking a licensed nurturing environment while providing the highest quality Jewish education for our students. The LIHA early childhood program promotes meaningful partnerships between teachers and parents who work together to accomplish the best possible environment for each child.

Children in our Early Childhood program are introduced to the joy and meaning of belonging to a Sephardic Jewish community through their Jewish Studies. This revolves around tefillah, Shabbat, Parshat Hashavua and the yearly cycle of the holidays. When the little ones begin tefillah even in our toddlers class, they enjoy singing the songs, passing the Torah around and the boys making a Bracha on their tzitzit. This all becomes part of their learning process and their identity to be a Jewish child learning in a Yeshiva.

In a warm, nurturing, creative and intellectually stimulating environment we deliver a quality Early Childhood program experience for children with the following goals:

  • To develop relationships and work closely in partnership with parents in this important developmental period for children and families.
  • Have the children develop confidence in themselves as competent individuals and as learners.
  • To provide an environment in which the key processes of early childhood social and emotional development are nurtured.
  • To promote intellectual development and build the foundations necessary for learning readiness across the curriculum: in particular, in the areas of developing curiosity, speech and communication; relating to one another; books and stories; and artistic and other languages of expression
  • To facilitate age appropriate physical development and to develop strong fine and gross motor skills.
  • To provide an environment rich in both the English and Hebrew language as a foundation for successful linguistic development.

Early Childhood Education at LIHA is not a day care. Learning is the main focus in our Early Childhood program and with the combination of our loving and caring staff your children will develop tremendously right before your eyes.


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Our School Offers:

General Studies

In LIHA our students experience the general ed program through reading, writing, science, mathematics, social studies, music, STEM, and art. 

A highly effective Hebrew Language program. As early as our pre-school program students are exposed to Hebrew Language in a variety of ways

Judaic Studies

Kindergarten and 1st grade children are immersed in Hebrew language study incorporating art, music, snack, cooking and baking, and critical thinking games to build vocabulary, grammar, and communication abilities, as well as reading and writing in Hebrew.

Middle School

As said by many Rabbaim, once you build a strong foundation in Torah you must continue to grow. LIHA truly believes in that message through the expansion of our Middle School.