Judaic Studies

LIHA believes in building a Jewish foundation for all our students from birth to Bar/Bat Mitzvah. Our goal is always to instill jewish values, and midot tovot in all of our students.


Through their early years, children at LIHA are immersed in Hebrew language study incorporating various activities to build vocabulary, grammar, and communication abilities, as well as reading and writing in Hebrew. Children embark on a broader and deeper study of Tefillah, with the goal of knowing and understanding the meaning of each prayer and the structure of the tefillot. They are introduced to the study of the Torah portion with a weekly Parsha discussion in which the children ask each other interpretive questions and share their thoughts; these are then collected and sent home for further study with their families. This model is their introduction to text study and is woven throughout their learning of Tefillah, Parsha, Megillah, Haggadah, and texts related to other holidays.


As children move into older grades they begin their formal study of Chumash with a focus on narration, Ivrit , grammar and chazanut. Our older children in 4th and 5th grades continue to learn Chumash and undertake the study of Torah Shebe'al Peh (Oral Torah) while guided by both teachers and peers and designed to increase their independence as learners. As students engage in text study they discuss not only literal translation, but also historical interpretation, contemporary application, and meaning for their own lives.


Throughout our Middle school we are committed to the same standard while including a Gemara curriculum for the boys while adding a chinuch and tzniut program for our girls.


Each classroom community works together to engage in the rituals of daily Jewish life in an open and respectful environment. Shabbat and Jewish holidays are studied in school to prepare students for celebration at home with their families and in the larger community.

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Our School Offers:

General Studies

In LIHA our students experience the general ed program through reading, writing, science, mathematics, social studies, music, STEM, and art. 

A highly effective Hebrew Language program. As early as our pre-school program students are exposed to Hebrew Language in a variety of ways

Early Childhood

LIHA’s early childhood program provides a meaningful and compelling early childhood environment for Jewish families seeking a licensed nurturing environment while providing the highest quality Jewish education for our students.

Middle School

As said by many Rabbaim, once you build a strong foundation in Torah you must continue to grow. LIHA truly believes in that message through the expansion of our Middle School.