an open torah

As a Jewish individual, having a strong connection to one’s heritage and culture is essential for building a sense of identity. One of the most effective ways to create this connection is through learning the language of the Jewish people. At Long Island Hebrew Academy (LIHA), we are invested in and committed to teaching Hebrew to all of our students. Our exceptional Hebrew language classes expose our students to and start learning Hebrew at a very early age.

LIHA’s Approach to Learning

Our Hebrew language classes revolve around a program that focuses on developing a passion for becoming fluent in speaking, writing, and reading in Hebrew. In the classroom, students are exposed to the Hebrew language and culture through various means. They notice words and phrases written on the walls, which serves as a helpful and constant reinforcement of their studies. Teachers also incorporate Hebrew into daily conversations, using words and phrases essential to language learning and fluency.

Students are also treated to stories, which helps expose them to a broader range of vocabulary words than everyday conversations and lessons. To further enhance their learning experience, they participate in singing and playing games in Hebrew. Additionally, the school’s language specialist leads immersion activities that provide students with an authentic and engaging way to practice their language skills.

class of young kids sitting on ground around a teacher

A Language That Helps to Keep the Past in the Present

Hebrew is the language of the Torah, the prayer book, and the daily liturgy. Learning Hebrew allows students to connect with the sacred texts and traditions of Judaism, which are at the heart of Jewish identity. By studying Hebrew, students can better understand the prayers they recite, the holidays they celebrate, and the customs they observe. This knowledge inspires them to participate within the Jewish community, feel a stronger sense of belonging, and develop a greater appreciation for their heritage.

Additional Benefits of Learning A Second Language

Our Hebrew language classes can help students develop essential skills such as critical thinking, analytical reasoning, and problem-solving. Students are challenged to think creatively and make connections between words and ideas. Through this process, they also develop strategies for overcoming obstacles. It has also been shown to enhance abilities in math and English. These skills are essential for success in all areas of life and can be applied in many ways.

young Jewish boys reading aloud from books in a class

Hebrew Language Classes Present a Gateway to Broadening the Mind

These classes help build Jewish identity by giving students a deeper understanding of Jewish teachings and traditions. Students develop a sense of community and connection with others through these classes. Students who learn Hebrew together form bonds with their classmates and teachers based on shared experiences and goals. With the confidence gained from learning the language, they will feel more empowered. They will be able to continue and excel in their studies with this newfound confidence.