Learning at LIHA

  • There is a low student teacher ratio and frequent opportunities for small group learning as well as independent study.
  • Attention to each students individual learning styles, strengths and needs.
  •    A commitment to challenging our students where curiosity is nurtured and students are intellectually challenged.
  • Dedication to working closely with families and having an open communication system.
  • Students will become proficient in reading, writing and understanding the Hebrew language.
  • Ongoing involvement in community service projects that heighten students awareness of the needs of others and their responsibility towards community.
  • A supportive non-competitive environment with a strong focus on social-emotional development.
  • LIHA provides specialties such as art, music, computers, gym, basketball, STEM, zumba, library, and after school programs.
  • Physical education is designed to build a students self esteem, coordination and good health habits.

Working with Students

  • LIHA has a unique approach to individualizing the curriculum to each child’s developmental needs in a social setting. We appreciate the varied learning styles and ways in which children grow and develop in different areas. The day is scheduled to allow for the greatest flexibility in the ways children are grouped for learning.
  • Students at LIHA are encouraged to become self-motivated learners. Students learn to experience the joy of mastering a concept and with that comes along figuring out how to solve a problem on one’s own, practicing and learning a skill, or creating work over a period of time.
  • Teachers continually set goals with students and evaluate their progress while also engaging the children in reflective conversations about their work.

Our School Offers:

General Studies

In LIHA our students experience the general ed program through reading, writing, science, mathematics, social studies, music, STEM, and art. 

A highly effective Hebrew Language program. As early as our pre-school program students are exposed to Hebrew Language in a variety of ways

Hebrew Language

LIHA has a highly effective Hebrew Language program. As early as our pre-school program students are exposed to Hebrew Language in a variety of ways.

Judaic Studies

Kindergarten and 1st grade children are immersed in Hebrew language study incorporating art, music, snack, cooking and baking, and critical thinking games to build vocabulary, grammar, and communication abilities, as well as reading and writing in Hebrew.

Early Childhood

LIHA’s early childhood program provides a meaningful and compelling early childhood environment for Jewish families seeking a licensed nurturing environment while providing the highest quality Jewish education for our students.

Middle School

As said by many Rabbaim, once you build a strong foundation in Torah you must continue to grow. LIHA truly believes in that message through the expansion of our Middle School.

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